Live Blogging: Strengthening GO-NGO Partnership in the Government Procurement Process

US Embassy sponsored seminar with Procurement Watch, Inc

Our live blogging team today is composed of:

9:15 am Opening Remarks by Atty Amador Astudillo, President of Procurement Watch Incorporated

Procurement Watch monitors the bidding and procurement process for government institutions. PWI works with other organizations in monitoring procurement.

“The time for change is now. Let us seize the moment.”

9:20 am Speaker is Mr. Scott H. Amey, the General Counsel of the Project on Government Oversight (POGO –

NGOs should be vigilant because it is an issue of public funds. This is our money. “It’s not government money. It’s our money.”

POGO was founded in 1981 by Pentagon Insiders. It oversees federal agencies, Congress, and government contractors. POGO works with insiders and whistleblowers.

It’s not just about exposing the problem, but also finding the solution.

Whistle blower protection and the Freedom of Information Act will be good tools to strengthen the work of procurement watch.

POGO uses investigative journalism techniques working with whistleblowers, anonymous sources and journalists through FOIA.

  • identify systemic corruption
  • launch independent investigations
  • findings
  • promote positive change
  • inform public
  • work with the govt for improvements
  • demand a more accountable govt

Making Change: By applying internal & external pressure through the media, the public, govt insiders, and policy makers, POGO helps ensure that the federal govt implements policies & programs in a manner that benefits all Americans.

Independence. Integrity. Reputation. Credibility.

We name names.

Areas of Interest

  1. Contract Oversight
  2. Financial Oversight
  3. Good Government
  4. Government Corruption
  5. Government Oversight
  6. Government Secrecy
  7. Homeland Security
  8. Housing
  9. National Security
  10. Natural Resources
  11. Nuclear Security & Safety
  12. Public Health
  13. Transportation
  14. Whistleblower Issues


  • Whistleblowers: usually comes with a stigma
  • Media
  • slow govt
  • political wrangling
  • burdening govt
  • costs of good govt
  • preventing innovation

Funding: Do not accept any govt, union or corporate contributions nor funds from anyone with a financial interest in the outcome of our investigations.
It’s more important who we DO NOT accept money from.
Churches might be a place where you can get money from.

Federal Contract Oversight
“Men must turn square corners when they deal with the Government.” – USA Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes

“Every citizen is entitled to have complete confidence in the integrity of his government.” – US President Johnson

Problems in Federal Contracting System

  1. Spending has grown tremendously
  2. Spending on services outpaces goods
  3. Lax procurement laws
  4. Oversight has decreased
  5. Acquisition workforce is strecthed thin
  6. Abdication of functions to private industry
  7. The politics of contracting

Contracting Reality in US

  • Inadequate Competition
  • Deficient accountability
  • Lack of Transparency
  • Risky Contracting Vehicles

Transformations in the Federal Workforce

  • Steady since 2000 despite the dramatic increase in federal contract spending
  • Contractors are performing jobs once performed by public servants
  • What does a BLENDED WORKFORCE mean as far as costs and control of govt policy, planning, and programs?

The Politics of Contracting: “American taxpayers have witnessed a series of corporate mega-mergers that have transformed large govt contractors into a small universe of formidable policy, planning, program, financial support, lobbying, and influence-peddling machines.”

POGO: “We sink our teeth into an issue and don’t let go.”
Tie old issues and problems with new ones.

1:30 pm Resumption of seminar

Promoting Good Government from the Outside

  • Policies
  • Planning
  • Offers
  • Awards
  • Administration
  • Oversight

What to Ask?

  1. What are we buying?
  2. What mission will we accomplish?
  3. Who is involved in the decision?

Working On

  • Contracting Reform
  • Improved Transparency
  • Enhanced Access to Govt/Contractor Records
  • Preventing Conflicts of Interest
  • Stronger Whistleblower Protections

“Transparency is where it starts.”

Fourth question: HOW ARE WE BUYING IT?
Discussion about…

  • types of contracts
  • level of competition
  • accountability
  • oversight
  • transparency

Working Against — Vested Interests

  • Industry Associations
  • Contractors
  • Lobbyists
  • Government Personnel
  • Members of Congress

“Working for POGO is great because the staff has the ability to make positive changes, free from political interference. Coming to work isn’t about collecting a paycheck; there is an integrity in protecting the public which keeps me excited about coming in.” -Scott Amey, POGO General Counsel

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  1. wow, this is really interesting. Well, one of my dream is to justify my Mindanao, from those morbid description.

    I am happy that there were people who kept on doing this. Seizing corruption, and making Peace as your main concern. What a wonderful work. I salute you guys for doing it!

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