1st Visayas Blogging Summit

VBS Speakers
VBS Speakers

10:30 am The 1st Visayas Blogging Summit has just started. I think I’m the only Mindanaoan here. I will be delivering a talk on the “Role of Bloggers as New Media.” My talk is scheduled for 11:30 am but the program started late.

10:35 am Mary Claire Bretina opens the summit. She is the IBS President.

Aileen Apolo – de Jesus talks about “Blogging 102: I Have a Blog, Now What?”

  • In 2008, 4.80% of the Philippine population write blogs. Around 70% read blogs.
  • “Blogs influence purchase more than social networks.”
  • 1/2 of the online pop’n qualifies as blog readers.
  • “Frequent blog readers say they trust blogs for purchase decisions.”
  • Why, what, how do you blog?
  • Content is king. Be original. Be consistent. Find your voice.
  • Drive traffic.
  • Add more technical skills.
  • The secret sauce to blogging is PASSION.

11 am Mayor Cabilog is giving his Welcome Speech.

11:15 am Flow Galindez on “Blogging for Advocacy.”

  • Crisis Blogs and Issue Blogs
  • Hear the Call. Accept and Activate. Messenger. Objectives. Never stop and keep going.
  • Some issues: poverty and hungry, education, gender equality, child moratality, maternal health, combat diseases, environmental sustainability, global partnership for devt

1:59 pm Tonyo Cruz talks about “Social Media and Citizenship.”

  • Filipino bloggers have long taken action.
  • In November 26, 2010, Filipino bloggers made history by signing the impeachment complaint against GMA.
  • Social media was front and center to report during Ondoy and Pepeng.
  • Social media shines brightest when we wield is as a community…

3:15 pm Jayvee Fernandez on Blogging Better: A Brief Discussion on Blogging Ethics.

  • Being able to live up to the standards in order to push society forward.
  • Am I contributing something useful?”
  • Ask yourself: Is it something I would say face to face?

3:30 pm Estan Cabigas on “Selling the Best of the Philippines through Blogging

  • You must have a sense of place.
  • Think local.
  • Research and plan.

Apologies. I wasn’t able to catch the other speakers but I heard most of them were good.

Congratulations to the organizers, speakers, and participants of the very successful First Visayas Blogging Summit! 🙂

Congratulations to

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