Live Blogging: Software Freedom Day 2011

We are live in the University of Southeastern Philippines Social Hall, where DabaweGNU and USEP are hosting the annual Software Freedom Day activity.

Different tech talks, presentation, demonstrations among the students, local IT professionals and solution providers will be showcased today. A Linux installation contest and online quiz will also be conducted later this afternoon.

Stay tuned while we give you updates shortly!

Here we go…

1:10 PM

  • Freelance work in Open Source: Kristine Mae Adlaon, IT Faculty, MATS College of Technology

2:30 PM

  • Question and answer portion

2:34 PM

  • Firefox Add-on: Nathaniel Jayme, Tierracycle Cooperative
  • Uniting freelance developers as well as solution providers

2:45 PM
Now demoing Firefox Add-on creation.

The noise level of the crowd went down. Nosebleed for most of the Students.

He’s showing us an XML file of an Firefox add-on.

He created a “Hello World” add-on for Firefox.

Two ways of creating Firefox add-ons.

  • Traditional/Terminal
  • SDK


Nathaniel ended his talk with a round of applause.. but not everyone seemed to have properly absorbed the nose bleeding lecture.


Charles Pino from DabawGNU now taking the spotlight.

His topic? Android Development.


He is talking about Android Scripting SL4A


Most of his scripts are python based.


  • Holden Hao is up next, live from Cagayan de Oro. Talking about Big Blue Button, which he’s using to talk to us!
  • Big Blue Button runs on a Mac and other Unix based OS.
  • It’s browser based.
  • You can A/V with someone and also present documents/edit them.


Next talk: Supercharging the LAMP platform.

LAMP is a compilation of open source technologies:

  • Linux
  • Apache


WordPress Installation Fest.


3 Teams joined the WordPress Installation Fest. The Davao Bloggers team, spearheaded by Eugene Maning (team mates: Kevin Paquet, Riel Lawliet, Princess Salan) finished first in installing WordPress. No real surprise though.

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    1. I am very sorry. I was the person in charge of updating the live blog. Unfortunately, I joined the WordPress Install Fest and couldn’t update anymore during his presentation. No offense meant for not including him.

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