Doon Po Sa Amin Invites you to be Your Hometown’s Ambassador

Smart Doon Po Sa Amin year 7


Smart Communications, Inc (Smart) is calling all Filipinos, especially the youth to participate and use the Internet to promote what’s unique in your hometown through Doon Po Sa Amin. In previous years, DSPA was open to “primary” and “secondary” schools only, but this year, Smart included an “open category” to give all Filipinos a chance to contribute in the mapping of local stories across the country.

Now on its 7th year, DSPA aims to build an online map of the Philippines containing unique stories embodying the Filipino culture and heritage.

“Being digital natives, using online and digital technologies is natural to the youth. While they are young, we want to make them see technology as a tool that can be used to contribute to the development of the society,” said Smart Public Affairs Head Ramon Isberto.

“In the case of DPSA, what we want is to encourage them to generate and share their own content to instill love for one’s country, help promote their hometowns, and at the same time learn to use technology for learning.”


There are currently more than a thousand stories of Philippine festivals, history, delicacies, destination, and more were submitted to Doon Po Sa Amin, You may view these stories at

Call for Entries

If you want to be a part of the biggest online mapping activity in the Philippines, you may do so by joining the Doon Po Sa Amin crowd-sourcing competition:

DPSA is a team competition, with 8 to 10 members per team. The objective is to create a video featuring an interesting story about their hometown which can be about any of the following:

  • Activities to enjoy
  • Food to eat
  • History to uncover
  • People to meet
  • Places to go
  • Plants and animals to discover
  • Community products to support

Video entries can be in the form of animation, documentary, short film, or music video. All video entries will then be mapped via DPSA website. Registration and submission of entries is until October 31, 2014. Complete mechanics can be accessed here.


· Teams should be composed of 8-10 High School or College students.
· Teams are required to have a teacher-coach (minimum of 1; maximum of 3). The teacher-coach will be part of the participating team and will serve as the team’s official representative.
· Students from different sections/levels/courses can compose a team.
· All members must be officially enrolled in a school/university.
· There shall be no inter-school collaboration for any entry.


· Teams should be composed of 8-10 independent film-making enthusiasts.
· There is no age limit.
· Participants in a team can be a professional or non-professional.
· Teams should designate one official representative of the team.
· Characters and production crew can be part of the team members.

All members of the teams should be residing in the Philippines.

Deadline of Submission of Entries is on October 31, 2014.


Click here to know more about the contest mechanics and other contest guidelines. 

What are you waiting for? Be your hometown’s ambassador and tell us what’s unique in your place!

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