About Us

This is the community blog of Davao Bloggers – a group of new media writers who blog about Davao or are based in the Davao region.

On this site, you will find updates on news, information, and upcoming events for Davao Bloggers by Davao Bloggers.

To become the top-of-the-mind hub for the development and camaraderie of the entire blogging community in the entire Davao region, in the pursuit of individual and community advancement through well-thought-out, contemporary, ethical new media practices.


  • To build a community of proactive, socially responsible new media practitioners whose efforts are centered in the personal development of one’s skills and the promotion of the Davao region and of the Philippines in general.
  • To create an environment that fosters unity, integrity, camaraderie, responsibility and mutual respect not just as members of the group but as members of the society and the global community.


  • To promote the Davao region through blogging and other social media platforms.
  • To organize niche-focused activities that help in enhancing one’s skills and in igniting one’s potentials.
  • To initiate activities that help uplift the community’s well-being and the awakening of social consciousness.
  • To forge alliances to other blogging communities and public and private sectors for the purpose of mutual support towards the realization of organizational goals and objectives.