Generation Change Project Philippines

Invited by the U.S. Embassy, Davao Bloggers’ Dulce Rose Lada, Ria Jose, Lyle Santos and Kaiser Mangampo attended the Generation Change Project at the Ateneo de Davao University last April 24-25, 2012.

This two-day workshop on community leadership and social media best practices has assembled 50 brilliant minds and upcoming leaders from all over the Philippines.

Generation Change Philippines
Davao Bloggers and other Davao delegates with Ms. Humera Khan, Wajahat Ali and William Cocks of the U.S. Embassy.

Generation Change is a youth-led global network dedicated to empowering the next generation of innovators and leaders. It provides a platform for the free exchange of ideas across borders and cultures, and a community of peers and mentors who use their collective resources to positively impact communities locally and globally.

It was a tremendous privilege to have expert speakers such as, Humera Khan and Wajahat Ali during the said training workshop.

Ms. Khan, the Executive Director of Muflehun, provided an enlightening and insightful talk about, “Viral Peace: Social Media Strategies for Building Communities” to the social media practitioners.

Invest in failure, invest in your passion, invest in the challenges and test in your generation, invest in the right people and invest in your community” shared Mr. Ali, journalist and contributor at Washington Post, The Guardian, Salon, Slate, Wall Street Journal,, and Huffington Post.

All participants were given the chance to express their different community challenges and stories in a fun and interactive way. By becoming solutions to these problems, a declaration of the mission statements were proclaimed by each participants.

At the end of the workshop, a challenge was left for us, “Let your mission guide you!”

Generation Change delegates from all over the Philippines eager to become change agents in the communities.

Thank you, U.S. Embassy for extending your invitation to our blogging community. Exciting times ahead!

More photos of Generation Change Project Philippines workshop.

Generation Change Project Philippines

Social media practitioners and community leaders from all over the Philippines converged in Ateneo de Davao University for a 2-day Generation Change workshop last April 24-25, 2012 organized by the U.S. Embassy.

Storified by Dulce Rose Lada · Sat, Apr 28 2012 09:31:12

Individual groups make their pitch to @usembassymanila for their public service projects. #GenChangePH #vpeace Santos
Social media for social change. #GenChangePHMaria Jose
What issue will be the greatest challenge for the future of Mindanao in the next 5 years? #GenChangePHMaria Jose
New media is the language of today’s generation. Use it as a tool to push the dialogue forward. – @WajahatAli #GenChangePH #vpeaceLyle Santos
New media is the great equalizer. We can tell stories. We now have a voice in the global table. @wajahatAli #GenChangePH #VPeaceDulce Rose Lada
‘A tool is only as useful or dangerous as the hand that uses it.’ – @wajahatali #vpeace #GenChangPH Santos
The Challenge: We are all leaders and change makers. How are we going to be part of the solution? @khansera #VPeace #GenChangePHDulce Rose Lada
Conflict is rooted in misunderstanding. This is where social media can best bridge the gap. #GenChangePH #vpeaceLyle Santos
What do you want to do? #GenChangePH #vpeaceMaria Jose
LinkedIn connects you with professionals, communities of interest & practice, and alumni networks. #GenChangePH #vpeaceMaria Jose
Facebook is good for passive engagement bad for privacy & professional connections. #GenChangePH #vpeaceMaria Jose
@YouTube is good for ent, news, documentation, and mobilization. Bad for privacy and interaction. #GenChangePH #vpeaceMaria Jose
With 50 brilliant, up and coming leaders and change agents in Philippines. Inspiring minds with great potential. #GenChangePH #vpeaceWajahat Ali
Break stories faster using Twitter. Establish your leadership in 15 secs. Tweet and Retweet! #vpeace #GenChangePHDulce Rose Lada
Twitter 101: Be precise and be concise. Make your point in 140 characters. #GenChangePH #vpeaceDulce Rose Lada
Davao Bloggers’ website is using storify to archive our stories. Visit our website! #GenChangePH #vpeaceDavao Bloggers
Social Media: Sharing, Distribution and Ownership dissected. @khanserai #vpeace #GenChangePH @viralpeaceDulce Rose Lada
Be part of the solution! That’s the only way to keep you closer to your goal. @khanserai #vpeace #GenChangePHDulce Rose Lada
To get results, turn information into action. #vpeace #GenChangePHLyle Santos
"Goals should be realistic with real timelines and real deadlines." – @khanserai #vpeace #GenChangePHDulce Rose Lada
Everything you do should start locally. It’s a challenge to succeed locally then expand. Make modules. #GenChangePH #vpeaceMaria Jose
"Who do you want to listen to you?" #GenChangePH #vpeaceMaria Jose
@khanserai sharing the Basic Elements of Strategy. Why? What? Who? Where? When? How? #vpeace #GenChangePHDulce Rose Lada
Guidelines for Bridging Divisions – Be a role model, get involved & stand up for the victims. @khanserai #vpeace #genchangePHDavao Bloggers
‘Have a common mission or purpose’ – @khanserai on Building Communities #vpeace #GenChangePH @viralpeace Santos
Trusted relationships are built over time. They are developed. #GenChangePH #vpeaceMaria Jose
For communities to hold together, we need institutions. #GenChangePH #vpeaceMaria Jose
Participants are passionate about cross-cultural understanding, entrepreneurship, Maranao pasta & Dolphin whistle! #cool #vpeae #genchangephDavao Bloggers
William Cocks, Assistant Cultural Affairs Officer @usembassymanila #GenChangePH #vpeace Rose Lada
"Relevant, significant change,"Dr. Christine S. Diaz, Chair ADDU #GenChangePH #vpeace @ViralPeace Rose Lada
"Every generation needs a new revolution."-Thomas Jefferson. 1st day #GenChangePH in Davao today. Follow @dulcelada,@riajose & @lylesantos!Davao Bloggers

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